Les Coyotes de Paris

Les Coyotes de Paris tells the imaginary story of Paris’ 4th district, where girls as fast as ‘Coyotes’ roam the streets. Les Coyotes de Paris is synonymous with an ageless wardrobe. A nostalgic take on iconic & classic silhouettes and nautical details. For young girls from 6-12 years old and young women XS (14 y.o.), S (16 y.o.) and M (18 y.o.).
Billie Dress
Stephanie Jeans
Tropea Shorts
Cindy Tee
Davey Skirt
Evelyn Tee
Melia Tee
Pezi Sweatshirt
Nibby Dress
Tanja Skirt
Bo Trousers
Charlie Shirt
Tate Sweatshirt
Car Tee
Mary Tee
Len Sweatshirt