The 'Débardeur' Goldfishstyle

Who said that this is a style that's outdated!? You're so wrong, there's one very important trick up our sleeve for bringing the 'débardeur' back out there: going way overboard! The bolder you do your styling, the better it looks. Don't be afraid to mix textures or different prints and you'll get away with anything!

Here we have 3 examples for you, just clone that (handsome) kid:

1. Mats is wearing: Morley Shirt - Tinycottons Débardeur - Molo Pants

2. Mats is wearing: Morley Sweater - Morley Débardeur - BOOF Jeans

3. Mats is wearing: Morley Shirt - Bobo Choses Débardeur - East End Highlanders Pants

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