It’s happening!

My little boy is not so little anymore.

Jules is going to school after fall break and this mom wouldn’t be a real Goldfish team member if I didn’t put a lot of thought into his outfit for that very special first day ;-)
So let the prepping begin!

Three checkpoints I always look for in his outfits: 
1. Layers: not too warm and not too cold
2. Easy to move around in
3. Needs to look gooooood

Here are my top 3 outfits, please help me choose 1 (tell me your favorite in the comments)

3. Bobo Choses W.I.M.A.M.P. Pants (limited edition - only in store or via [email protected]) - Bobo Choses Vest - Emile et Ida T-Shirt - Stella Mc Cartney Hat - Sunnylife Box Set - Emile et Ida Backpack

Some extra’s:

The ultimate playground wintercoat: Because warm, water repellent and sooo cute
The backpack essentials: Bamboo lunchbox and fruit/cookie box by Sunnylife
The mommy must haves:
Bobo Choses Tote: To easily dump all that stuff (no little handbags for me!) 
Indee Broche: To brighten up that dark winter coat
Anne Kurris Scarf: Because you just never have enough scarves
Goldfish represent at school on november 6th!