Favorite Goldfish pieces by a boys mom

When working in the shop you often hear the same comments about it being so much easier to shop for girls than it is for boys. Girls have a wider range, bolder colors and funnier prints,... Sounds familiar? 

Well let's say that at Goldfish we take extra care of the boys too. Therefore I would like to share with you 5 of my favorite boys pieces of this season. Ready?


1. Overalls for boys? Why not! Such a different piece that will make  your boy stand out. And what's not to love about this adorable doggie print by Mini Rodini? Shop here

2. The Japanese brand East End Highlanders dares to think out of the box for boys. What do you think of this wide cut velours pants? Shop here 


3. The fabric, the fit, the print, what's not to love about this Bobo Choses piece? And this sweat just goes great with just about anything. Shop here

4. I just love the little 'boyscout' theme Stella Mc Cartney has going on this season. This cute shirt has velcro closing, so handy! Shop here 

5. Alltime favorite brand, Rylee + Cru, which I can't resist buying multiple pieces from. Also look at this lovely soft color, don't forget boys can get away with that too! Shop here 

Convinced mommie? Come and take a look at our entire boys section and please let us know if there's anything missing you would like to see added :-)!