Spring is here and so is the Easter break!
Are you going somewhere or are you opting for a staycation? Whatever your plans are this spring break, we’ve got an outfit for every occasion.

1. The Mountain Vacation:

Mountain days ask for some warm sweats and easy jeans. Going somewhere snowy? Don’t forget to get the mini’s some sunglasses too! Need something more ‘dressy’ in the evening? Then this is your go to dress.

Beau Loves Sunglases + TAO hat
Molo T-shirt + Boof Jeans
Indee Knit + Molo Sweater

2. The Spring Party:

Need to be on your ‘Easter best’ or are you attending a party? Shop these gorgeous summer dresses. Bonus, each dress can be worn troughout spring/summer, just dress it down with a pair of cute Salt Water Sandals.

Dress 1Dress 2Dress 3Dress 4

3. The Staycation:

Not going anywhere, but just planning on collecting easter eggs in the backyard at grandma’s and having a major family brunch? Sounds great! Here is a more casual boy outfit for those kind of days, but with that little extra Goldfish vibe.

TAO Sweater - TAO Socks - Beau Loves Hat - Molo Shorts

4. The Beach Vacation/ The Swimming Pool Outing:

Whether you’re going away to some tropical destination or just planning a day at an indoor swimming pool, you’re going to look fabulous in our swimwear! Please note that this season we have the most beautiful and wide range of bikini’s, bathing suits and swimming trunks from Mini Rodini, Tinycottons, Pacific Rainbow, Kidscase, Molo and many more!