Socks done Goldfishstyle!

Here at the Goldfish store we're all about putting together that perfect outfit. We even take competitions on who of our team can combine the most different brands into one outfit.

The one thing we all do is grab a pair of Collegien high socks or tights to complete the look! That's probably the reason why we had the hardest time chosing the colors, we basicaly just went for every hue in the pack :-p

Curious why we're such Collegien lovers? Here are 5 reasons why!

1. Made out of Egyptian cotton, so extrasoft textures

2. Best fit everrrr

3. Made in the family factory (for 4 generations now) in Tarn, France

4. Supereasy to wash in the washing machine

5. Always a match because they have the widest color range

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