The Goldfish Team’s Wishlist!

Aha, what would we get our kids for Xmas this year? We guess EVERYTHING is not an option, although we truly love every single item in our store. It’s one of Eva’s basic principles: she only buys things for the store that we would put on, or give to, our own sons and daughters.

But since we just couldn’t copy ALL the pics from our website, here you go: 

EVA (Renée 9y and Jeanne 7y)

From the Clothes Department: 

- The new Molo sweater for Jeanne: cause Love IS al you need!  and a pair of shorts, cause even when it snows, this kid would wear shorts with bear legs… 

- For more dressed up occasions: the LBD is an absolute stunner.  My girls love twinning and since my closet is stuffed with black dresses, this would really make the little one happy! The dress has a cool yet classy look, and I would definitely wear it myself. 

- For my oldest, Renée, I choose the Molo salopette: with a cool T-shirt, she’s starting to behave like a real teenager and dancing in a pair of dungarees (preferably with one strap loose) makes her dream of being a Ketnet musical star! 

- For the preppy chic look -which she really rocks- Renée would definitely love the Little Remix outfit. High School meets Tennis Class.

From the Gift Department:

- All Maileg cuddles are number one on their list as well as all cats and mice in a box. For Renée I choose the little ballet shoe box and Jeanne gets an XL rabbit

- And last but not least: Sunnylife, the happy and colorful brand. The banana palm beach sounds will make my oldest so happy. And Little Jeanne, a real bord game player, gets the 10 (TEN!) in one board game.  I will not (need to) let her win, that’s for sure. 

SOFIE (June 10y)

From the Clothes Department: 

- One of my favorites is definitely the Molo-tutu in combination with a classy shirt from our teenage brand Little Remix… Sweet & classy at the same time! My June is not a girly girl, but with this amazing outfit she can dance on the table… Like litteraly ;-)

- I'm also into that whole 'preppy look' and I looooove the Rion Dot Shirtdress , just because it’s a comfy and easye to style (exactly what my June needs).  

From the Gift Department:

- June’s favorite is the Sunny Life Underwater Camera…. This original gift is so much fun to take on holiday with our family. All day photography fun guaranteed! 

- A great gift for more crafty teens is our Studio Roof range. I'm going for the DIY Styling Book and will add these gorgeous golden siccors as a llittle extra. 

ROOSJE (Jules 2,5y and Babygirl on her way)

From the Clothes Department: 

- I’m such a sucker for PRE SUMMER stuff, so Molo always hits that soft spot with me. I love their super cool new ‘tie dye’ sweater and matching hat which will make a nice set under the Christmas tree and Jules can allready wear them now without having to wait for that PRE SUMMER weather (please come quick!).

- I’m also alowing myself to slowly start shopping for baby(girl) number 2 who’s joining the Goldfish Kids Squad in April. And luck is on my side ‘cause Tinycottons just launched their very first organic basics collection. So that cute little bonnet and soft onepiece are coming home with me! Perfect first outfit if you ask me.

From the Gift Department:

- I know I will score major points with a gorgeous designer racecar by Playforever. There are not too many left, ‘cause this new brand has proven to be superpopular in our store! The Sweet Cookie Cutters by Sunnylife  are a cute, and not so mainstream, giftidea for momma boys who like to bake cookies togheter.

- Little baby will be too small to play with this lovely Stacking Toy for a while but in the meantime it will be a cute decoration piece in the babyroom, don’t you think? And yes! I can finaly go all things pink! 


Let’s go for that final Christmas shopping spree and please let us know if we can help!