The Stripes Goldfishstyle

Who hasn't done it too? Going overboard with stripes? Well let us tell you, there's nothing wrong with that. 'Cause stripes are now, and will always be, the ultimate basic! So go wild on this staple piece, we've made a selection of the 4 top stripes in our shop and styled them into a cute outfit.

1. Jack is wearing: Indee Scarf - Fish & Kids Sweater - Morley Pants

2. Jack is wearing: Arsène et les Pipelettes Shirt - Fub Sweater - Emile et Ida Pants

3. Jack is wearing: Soft Gallery Cardigan - Emile et Ida T-Shirt - Emile et Ida Pants 

4.  Jack is wearing: Soft Gallery Cardigan - Emile et Ida T-Shirt - Morley Pants

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