Minimalistic Scandinavian design combined with the best quality, we are completely in love with our little new brand, Minimalisma! The prettiest basics in high quality. A Mix of wool and silk or silk and organic cotton makes the Minimalisma basics soft and durable. Minimalisma only sells clothes that fulfill the following criteria: - Fair and safe conditions for all textile workers - Focus on protection of the environment during the entire production process - No usage of any toxic chemicals - All Sustainable materials incl. animal welfare All of the Minimalisma clothes are natural, as it’s important to us to respect the environment and nature which belongs to our children. Minimalisma tries to create a high quality and eco-friendly alternative for disposable fashion. Wear Minimalisma under your Morley dress, on a cool pair of pants or just as a basic tee on your new pair of denim. We don't put Minimalisma on sale, because you can wear it the whole year long!
Bi Sailor
Lin Amber